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Our Mission

Mission of Pacha Kama - natural cosmetics

The mission behind Pacha Kama is to create clean,
modern scents from safe, high-quality ingredients. Blending in small batches, creating creams handcrafted from scratch and recipes based on aromatherapy. With recyclable packing materials and Portugal-based manufacturing.

Our goal is to make your daily rituals filled with natural pleasures. To create the perfect moment for you with nontoxic Perfumes We Love, organic oils and crafted creams.
Go green with your whole beauty routine with
Holistic Cosmetics for
Body - Mind - Soul

Take good care of yourself, Nature has an unbelievable capacity for healing

Founder of Pacha Kama – Kamila


The inspiration to create Pacha Kama – natural cosmetics comes from my deep love to nature and the ocean, reinforced by the knowledge of alchemy and aromatherapy.

I have been living in Portugal for 4 years and it was in this beautiful place full of sunshine that I started my adventure with natural medicine. 

At the beginning I created only for family and friends from ingredients that I had in my garden or herbs that I collected in the surrounding forests and valleys. This is how it all started, after some time I was able to combine my passions for alchemy, astrology and aromatherapy, and over time I began to create personalized perfumes based on  date of birth to find the best supportive blends for people.. In doing so, I created formulas that I began to share with more people living in local communities. In the Aljezur area, I entered into my first collaborations with local stores, where Pacha Kama had its first successes. The long way has brought me to a place where Pacha Kama has undergone a huge transformation and I am proud to say that perfect recipes combined with the greatest attention to detail is my most beautiful project.

My biggest dream was to create recipes that support people. Using the properties of herbs, high quality ingredients and the benefits of aromatherapy, I can bring relief, support daily rituals or simply create opportunities for beautiful moments of self-care. 


What people say about our cosmetics

I got myself PachaKama’s rosemary & lemon verbena cream when visiting Portugal this year. I was immediately attracted to the wonderful, invigorating, citrus scent. It feels great to bring this nourishing treat back home into winter. Every morning when applying it in my face, I feel uplifted and refreshed. It’s heaven on earth! My face loves it!



I wanted to switch to natural cosmetics for a while now, but I haven’t found a trustworthy source until I came across Pacha Kama. Her cosmetics are made from scratch and are so good for my skin. My favorite is a rosemary & lemon verbena cream, perfect for my dry skin, it’s not heavy and gives me softness and long-lasting protection, so I don’t need to re-apply. Perfect for my sensitive skin, it’s now essential in my daily routine.



Find Us in local stores

The Hive, Aljezur
Gaia, Rogil
PURA, Aljezur
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